Why Boost Metrix


Boost Metrix is an online marketing agency that receives wholesale prices for online marketing ads. For example, a Law Firm might pay: $50 per click to advertise online, but Boost Metrix would pay $35 for a similar online ad. How is this possible? It all comes down to Quality Score; the higher the score, the lower the click cost.

Subject Matter Experts

Our parent company, Best In Class SEO, Inc. has published college-level courses and licenses its courses to universities in order to teach digital marketing to working professionals.


Boost Metrix drives exclusive leads to its clients. Each call is tracked and recorded for quality assurance. We do not sell the same lead to multiple companies like Home Advisor or Angie's List. We provide exclusive leads to our clients in real time.


Boost Metrix account managers save our clients time because they take the guess work out of online marketing campaigns. Our account managers know what online ads work and which ads have low conversions.

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