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Our team will create a custom online marketing strategy for each client. We use SEO, SEM, Display and Social Media to reach target audiences, meet lead goals, and get results. We can generate leads, increase online conversions, reduce click spam, streamline content marketing, track phone calls, create buzz, and improve online rankings. We deliver practical and effective online advertising solutions to maximize our client's online marketing efforts, immediately.

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Boost Metrix drives exclusive leads to its clients. Each call is tracked and recorded for quality assurance on our custom dashboard. We do not sell the same lead to multiple companies like Home Advisor or Angie's List. We provide exclusive leads that are ready to buy in real time.


Our digital marketing team has licensed online marketing courses to local universities including St. Petersburg College's Workforce Institute. Each student that completes twelve requisite hours of "The Foundations of Digital Marketing", receives a certificate endorsed by SPC.


Our agency is loyal and honors protected marketing zones. If a plumbing company hires us to work on their digital advertising campaign for the Dallas, TX market, we will not take on another plumbing company that wants to advertise in Dallas TX.


Our agency creates online marketing ads with high quality scores. As a result, our clients receive high ranking ads, and usually at a lower cost per click than most businesses. For example, a Law Firm might pay: $100 per click for an ad that ranks in third position. Whereas, a similar Boost Metrix Ad targeting the same keyword, could rank in 1st position and only cost $70 per click because of it's high quality score.

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Successful online marketing campaigns require a multifaceted approach. By being device and network agnostic, we can traverse the entire web optimizing where you show up and leading your customer to your door.


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